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Frandcom Industrial Limited is an United Kingdom based supplier of a wide range of metal products, chemical products etc. 

Frandcom® Chemicals, including its units of Riyuexin Chemicals Industrial Co.,Ltd. & Zibo Zhangdian Haiding Chemical Plant, is a prefessional manufacturer/exporter of Pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs.

With edged technics and seasoned engineers,we research and develope many kinds unique intermediates and APIs to meet worldwide customers, also we can research and produce as per customer's requests!

Our key products including many kinds intermediates and APIs relatived to pharmaceuticals' application,such as 5-hydroxy-1-tetralone,Iron sucrose etc.

Also we distribute some popular products, like Nicotinamide, Athromycin, Ciprofloxacin HCL/Lactate etc to worldwide customers.

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