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Improved pack design helps cut UK food waste
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Improved pack design helps cut UK food waste

From: http://www.chemnet.com   Jun 15,2012 Prw
Improved pack design helps cut UK food waste

The Wrap Retailer Survey 2012 demonstrates that the food industry is making good progress towards making it easier for customers to get the best from the food they buy, claimed the organisation.

"Today's report points to some great progress that's been made," said Wrap design and waste prevention director Richard Swannell. "The steps retailers and manufacturers have been taking have made an important contribution towards helping reduce the amount of food we buy and waste."

The 2012 survey looked at 12,000 products across 20 different categories where food waste has traditionally been high, including bread, bacon, chicken, apples, carrots, potatoes, bagged salad, rice, pasta, yoghurt, eggs, cheese and milk.

"We know from our research into food waste that the amount we're throwing away every year has fallen-but we're still wasting enough food to fill Wembley Stadium nine times. There is still more we could all do to reduce waste and the food industry can help us," said Swannell.

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