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Product name: Metronidazole

Chemical Name: 2 - methyl -5-- nitroimidazole-1-alcohol

Chemical Formula: C6H9N3O3

Molecular Weight: 171.15

CAS number: 443-48-1

Property: White or yellowish crystal or crystalline powder; have slightly smelly, bitter and slightly salty .. This product is slightly soluble in ethanol, in water or chloroform, slightly soluble, very slightly soluble in ether.

Shelf life and storage: 4year (dry, avoid light and sealed)


Application: (1) Metronidazole slice(2) Metronidazole Vaginal Effervescent Tablets (3) Metronidazole Injection (4) Metronidazole suppositories (5) Metronidazole Capsule (6) Metronidazole Glucose Injection

Package: 25KG/paper barrel or packed according to the requirements of customers.

Indications: for the treatment of intestinal and parenteral amebiasis (such as amoebic liver abscess, pleural amebiasis, etc.). but also for the treatment of vaginal trichomoniasis, coccidiosis pouch and cutaneous leishmaniasis, Guinea worm infection. is still widely used in the treatment of anaerobic infections.

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