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Dextrose Anhydrate
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1. Structural Formula: 

    Dextrose Anhydrate                         Dextrose monohydrate 

2. Dextrose anhydrate contains 〈1% free water, endotoxin〈0.125 Eu/ml.

3. Dextrose anhydrate's purity: 99.97% (dry basis), Dextrose monohydrate's purity: 99.50%-99.70% (dry basis).

4. It has good quality, fast filtration speed, high production efficiency.

5. Dextrose anhydrate can inhibit the growth of microbes; stable at 25oC with ambient humidity below 80%; it is non-deliquescent, no caking; good storage property.

6. Compared with using dextrose monohydrate, the use of dextrose anhydrate for the production of dextrose injection features easy process, lower energy consumption, shorter time, stable quality, lower insoluble small particles, higher clarity of injection.

7. Internationally, it has become a trend to use dextrose anhydrate as substitute of dextrose monohydrate for the production of injections.

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