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Pemex PE offers down 3-8% this week on sluggish demand, US o
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Pemex PE offers down 3-8% this week on sluggish demand, US offers: source

From: http://www.chemnet.com   Jun 15,2012 Platts

Mexico's domestic polyethylene offers have fallen 3-8% from last week on weak demand and competitive offers from the US, a source with state Pemex said Thursday.

LLDPE butene offers decreased 5-7% to 55 cents/lb FOB Mexico City in bulk. LDPE film offers fell 5-7% as well to 58 cents/lb FOB Mexico City bulk.

HDPE injection offers had the biggest price decrease of 6-8% to 51 cents/lb FOB Mexico City bulk, while HDPE blow molding prices were down 3-4% to 53 cents/lb FOB Mexico City in bulk.

The new prices have been in effect since Tuesday, the Pemex source said.

"Demand for polyethylene is slow everywhere with customers buying just the minimum necessary, worried about another fall in prices from the international market," the source said.

The last time Pemex dropped polyethylene offers for its domestic market was on May 10, by 3-5%.

A trader in the US said the offers to Mexico slipped 3-4 cents/lb week-on-week.

After the fall in prices, US offers to Mexico were heard this week at 58 cents/lb DAF Laredo bulk, at 55 cents/lb for HDPE blow molding and at 58 cents/lb DAF Laredo for injection.

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